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  • Xiumin: Shy; not-a-boazi-anymore; twerking master; secretly the sexiest member; xiuhan
  • Luhan: Does flips when running away from bad guys instead of just freakin running straight; Xiumin Xiumin Xiumin; derp derp derp derp
  • Kris: Galaxy hyung/oppa; Ben Ben; "Chicken is not my style" but eats the freakin chicken a few minutes later; Kriscasso
  • Suho: Takes out credit card in 0.00000001 seconds; Grandpa Suho--> Rap Ho; Tao's mama not an old lady
  • Lay: Rainbows; unicorns; chiu chiu chiu; kisses EXO members a lot -cough- SEHUN AND XIUMIN -cough-; angel at heart; cute to sexy in 0.000000001 seconds; has an obbession with Baekhyun's grandma's house
  • Baekhyun: Kkaepsong; Rap Byun; Mocks the members a lot; Aegyo King
  • Chanyeol: Probably the only member that can actually survive in the jungle alone; baby wolf; still laughs at everything
  • Chen: Troll master; his Chinese is fucking one of the most attractive things ever; SM the Ballad
  • D.O: Voice is sex; squishy on the outside, devil on the inside; 100% done with EXO
  • Tao: Badass on the outside, a kid on the inside; food food food; selca; reads fanfiction of TaoHun; WEIBO WEIBO
  • Kai: Kyungsoo Kyungsoo Kyungsoo; chicken crazy/Onew's long lost chicken twin; cute as fuck; dog lover; braids
  • Sehun: Yehet!; Ohorat!; actually sensitive on the inside; hair color changes every 12 seconds
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